Are Standing Desks Overrated? Check Pros and Cons

There is a chance that you might be reading this article while standing at your desk, and maybe that’s the reason you chose to read this article. Standing desks are all this rage in this pandemic stricken and work from a home-driven workforce.

Their benefits are floating all around the internet. The thing about standing desks is that they allow the user to do their desk jobs while standing, which is assumed to be a better option than the traditional sitting down and getting the job done approach.

Standing desks are assumed to keep the user actively involved in their work and boost their productivity while they are at it. Standing desks can be custom-built; you can also transform your old dressers to do the job if you are not currently looking forward to investing in something like this.

Some people just use a stack of books or an old box to elevate their regular work desk to a better height and then place their computers on it; this is an excellent tip that involves no additional cost whatsoever.

The idea of standing desks seems intriguing and fascinating at first as we are all concerned whether hours of sitting in our chair will do some sort of harm to our health in the future.

But people have a few doubts as well as some assumptions when it comes to involving a standing desk in their daily work life. To begin with, one of them, getting your work done while standing can be very taxing, there is a high chance that you will be getting tired more quickly than sitting in a chair and also you will need to take several breaks at regular intervals.

The most common question that many people have regarding standing desks is whether or not it helps reduce, maintain, or lose any weight.

Research involving a few healthy individuals was conducted wherein they were made to were masks that measured their oxygen intake and calories burned by them while working on their computer or watching TV while standing and walking; here are some of the findings of this research.

  • People burned around 80 calories while sitting and working or watching TV.
  • People only burned 88 calories, slightly higher calories while doing the same work while standing.
  • On the other hand, they burned around 210 calories while walking and doing their work.

To conclude, standing and working do not lead to crazy amounts of calories burning from our body. The thing is, whether we are standing or sitting, we are more or less in a stationary position. If you want to burn, calories take walks between your work to keep your body actively involved.

Many other researchers like the one mentioned in this article suggest that the benefits of standing desks are quite overestimated. But this article in no way wants to suggest that sitting in your chair the whole day is a good idea either.

There is no alternative for physical activity when it comes to leading a healthy life because our bodies are not designed for a sedentary life; sitting in a place for many hours does not come naturally to us.

We are meant to keep moving, sitting, standing, or pedaling for long hours is not natural for our bodies if we really want to do something in order to get fit while at work; taking walk breaks is the right thing to do.

We are not really trying to bash standing desks, the companies that manufacture them, or the people that use them on a regular basis. Like everything standing desks have their pros and cons too. Which we will be discussing in this part of the article.

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  • Standing desks keep you in motion. We all not sitting for long hours has adverse effects on our health, but the actual culprit behind our health issues is sitting but staying in a single position, and standing desks can help tackle this issue to some extent. While working on a standing desk, you won’t be as stationary as you will be while sitting in a chair; you can move around a bit at regular intervals and stretch your body at regular intervals if you experience stiffness in your muscles.
  • It helps deal with laziness; standing desks do help in tackling bouts of laziness that we all tend to experience, especially after having a meal. It also helps you be energetic while you are at work.
  • Calorie burn tough-standing desks do not allow you to burn a lot of calories, but they help burn more calories than you would while sitting.
  • Better core strength standing naturally promotes better posture than sitting as it requires you to keep your back straight. As many types of research and studies suggest, a good posture promotes a better core strength quite naturally. It does not mean that you will be automatically developing abs while standing and working, but it can promote better core and spine health.


  • Standing for a long time can be quite tiresome. Most of us are already weighed down by the mental load of the work we do. In addition to that, standing for 8 hours can lead to excessive fatigue, sore calf, and tiredness.
  • Not good for joints. Standing all day puts a lot of pressure on your knees, as they are bearing the entire weight of your body. Standing all day can give you sore knees and ankles.

So definitely, standing desks fail to stand by some of their claims that they promote a healthy and fit work lifestyle. They are definitely not a good alternative to physical activity.

But they can be extremely helpful if you have a problem with laziness or afternoon slumps to keep you in motion. Standing desks are definitely not a necessity in your work life, they won’t solve all your health issues, and yes, we would like to conclude by saying they are overrated.