Your Chair Comes With Synchro-Tilt! What Does That Mean?

Are you shopping for an office chair? Well! Shopping isn’t an easy task. It is combined with a lot of alternatives, preferences, and decision-making. Moreover, when it involves technical terms, an extra level of confusion is added to the same.

Buying an office chair often involves keeping a check upon several features. A chair that grants comfort to the human body, considering posture, alleviation, and health, is preferred for office use.

Hence, an Ergonomic chair is considered the best-suited chair for office purposes. While looking for an Ergonomic chair, you might have come across chair mechanism tools such as Synchro-Tilt.

It seems to be back-breaking while buying a thing without knowing its features. You might be thinking about what is Synchro-Tilt? How does it work? Why is it important? Does it matter?

This article will help you know about the most interesting and functional features of the office chair. Every chair named as ‘ergonomic’ might not be the same. It will help you in your buying decision. The article will help you know everything about Synchro-Tilt.

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What Is Synchro-Tilt?


A chair equipped with a Synchro-Tilt mechanism consists of a back and seat that incurs motion in a 2:1 ratio. This includes a rise of the chair’s seat, hence offering a satisfactory sitting experience to the user.

An individual will not be required to lift their feet off the ground with the upfront edge while leaning. The 2:1 ratio motion between the back and seat means the seat moves back two degrees for every one degree the seat tilts.

For example, 10 degrees of seat tilt will lead to 20 degrees of back tilt. This ratio fixes the alignment and movement of a seat in a way an individual can observe satisfactory experience.

It eliminates the issues of uneasiness, restlessness, and tiredness. An individual spends maximum time in the office for work purposes. Hence, relief granting seat is a necessity more than a need.

How Does It Function?

Synchro-Tilt mechanism manages the movement of the seat and back effectively. With controls such as push, pull, or twist equipped under the seat helps to adjust the chair.

It lets the user control over its movements in a way the user wishes to. By providing the adjustability option, the feature improves the comfortable level of the chair.

The chair and back of the chair are connected and move simultaneously in a 2:1 ratio as you recline. A chair with Synchro-Tilt offers flexibility to the user with a resilient front edge.

Is This Feature Essential?

Chairs such as Raynor Ergohuman, Herman Miller Embody, etc., are built with the Synchro-Tilt feature.
When you are required to spend maximum hours of the day at the office, it is necessary to have a comfortable chair.

Synchro-Tilt feature not only ensures your relaxation but also considers your physical health and well-being. With a 2:1 ratio and controls equipped under the chair, it grants dual advantages.

First, an individual can relax by keeping both feet on the floor and recline without affecting the back of the legs. Moreover, our body must maintain circulation.

Synchro-Tilt helps to sustain circulation. With improved circulation and increased body movements, it reduces the chances of fatigue, body aching, stress, etc., while working for long hours.

Final Words

Hence, the article answers all the questions raised in your mind. This article will therefore help you fulfill your needs. It provides information about what exactly will fit your needs and wants.

Therefore, Synchro-Tilt makes your working experience better and comfortable. It eventually reduces the stress on the thighs when you tilt on the chair concerning the 2:1 ratio.

Reading this article carefully will help you make a decision wisely. You must ensure that the chair consists of this feature to make you feel healthy and comfortable working for long hours.