Gaming Chairs Vs Office Chairs 2021 | Which One Is Best?

Whether you are working in your office or spending your ‘me time’ by playing your favorite video game, the first thing that you should look for in a comfortable chair. Your posture while sitting is extremely essential so that you do not suffer from back pain or neck pain in the long run.

However, the major problem that many customers face is choosing the right type of chair for different purposes. You have to know some tricks and tips to choose the perfect chair for gaming as well as office works.

You have to keep in mind that chairs are designed for various purposes. It is not a wise decision to choose a gaming chair by thinking that would be comfier than a desk chair just because it looks so.

When you play a game, your body posture will remain different from when you do your desk job. Thus, there is no other option left but to be very choosy and knowledgeable both at the same time while purchasing a chair.

Before you move on to take a decision, it is imperative to learn the basic difference between a gaming chair and a desk chair or an office chair. A detailed study will aid you in understanding the key features better and make the right decision.

Gaming Chairs Vs Office Chairs | Which One Is Best For Your Work & Gaming?


Gaming Chairs Vs Office Chairs

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Gaming Chair | Overview

To provide you with the utmost comfort while you spend prolonged hours with your gaming session, these chairs are specifically designed with ergonomic features.

With special features like a bucket seat, winged backrest, high level of back recline, cushiony seat, these chairs allow you to prevent terrible neck and back pain even after hours of playing the game. There are mainly three types of gaming chairs.

Racing Game On PC Or Play Station Chair

For playing an unhindered video game at a desk, racing gaming chairs are the best. These chairs are designed with sports car seats that allow you to move and take the most comfortable position while playing the game.

Tall and padded backs with sleek design seats give you that comfort when you race your car at the highest speed to win the game. The sturdiness of these chairs is to die for. You can choose this one if you prefer playing car racing games more than any other type.


These types of chairs are placed on the floor and are designed with a rock forward and back feature. The position of these chairs can be shifted with ease as the curve of the chairs is balanced on the angle to meet the seat at the back.

These chairs are beneficial for the games that can be played at distance like console video games. These can also be used while playing multiplayer games. This is one of the most comfortable ways to play the game.

Additionally, the beautiful look of this chair makes it a good piece to be kept in your living room.


If you looking for an economic option for complimenting your gaming session, floor chairs are a good option for it. These chairs are least structured with limited features that suffice your gaming needs well.

However, if you are an avid gamer, this one might not satisfy your thirst. If you are one of those who go for a gaming session once in a blue moon, going for this less expensive option is wise.

This is a comfortable perch with simple features that allow you to enjoy your gaming session casually or just the way you want.

Office Chairs | Overview

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Office chairs should not be taken for granted at any cost. People who are working in the private sector need to seat on the desk for a long time. If the chair is not a comfortable one, it can lead to several problems like spondylitis, spine or neck pain, waist pain, and more. See the common type of office chairs that you can consider if you are assigned to do a desk job for 9-5. Some of the common types are as follows:

  • Ergonomic chair
  • Executive office chair
  • Kneeling chair
  • Saddle chair
  • Sir stand chair
  • Petite and a small chair

You can choose from any one of the following when you need a good office chair. This will help you ensure comfort during your working session.

Wrapping Up Gaming Chairs Vs Office Chairs

Gaming and office chairs look way too similar. But, you will have to keep in mind that both these chairs are not the same. There are some of the basic differences that you would need to keep in mind while buying any of them both.

The gaming chair is more stylish than an office chair. This is because, a gaming chair prioritizes design and looks over comfort, but, an office chair does just the opposite.

However, the common similarities are the features that would allow you to get that comfort. If you see to it, you will notice that armrest, padding, swiveling bases are the same for both the chairs.

Gaming chairs that are expensive are designed with more ergonomic features. Moreover, these chairs also have some other features like steering wheel mounts or Bluetooth compatibility.

Office chairs are simple in designs and features are made only for comfort and nothing else. Sitting on an office chair should be more comfortable in nature than a gaming chair. You are likely to spend almost 9-10 hours a day on that chair. Therefore, it has features like adjustable arm and back, lumbar support, reclining system, and more.

Which One To Buy?

Well, the decision depends on your preferences and nothing else. But, one thing to keep in mind is, do not use anyone chair for both purposes. It can be problematic overtime and take a toll on your health as well. Try getting a comfortable chair that gives you a feeling of satisfaction when you sit on it.

Before taking the final call, do not forget to survey the market and find out which brand to consider. Also, read the reviews and other feedback of the customers to make the right investment. If you think this blog is helpful to you, do share your thought with us in the comment section below.