How To Choose A Good Massage Chair In 2021 [GUIDE]

No definitive data indicates which massage chair is better than the next one to decrease back pain. Moreover, there is no standard massage chair’s price level.

Prices are typically between $800 and $4,000. While a higher price is normally linked to better quality, this is not always the case with massage chairs. New lines have recently emerged, if not better than previous models, with significantly lower prices.

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Basic Features Of The Massage Chair


There are various features to choose from in massage chairs. Shiatsu massage chairs are targeted by pressing, wobbling, and rolling motions throughout the body. Some offer Swedish massages with kneading movements of light intensity.

Then, before the massage, there are null gravity chairs that lie at a zero-gravity location. Test various chairs to find out what gives you the best experience.

Cater to various parts of your body with massage chairs. You probably won’t use all of your massage chair’s features, so it’s important to find out which part of your body needs special attention and purchase a chair for catering to those areas.

If you want a good foot massage, buy foot massage chairs. You will need to massage the strokes to relieve pain in your neck and shoulders if you feel excessive pain in your neck. The common features you need to look for:

Massage Functions

Low-end massage chairs normally only offer simple massage and vibration. High-end massage chairs, contrastingly, offer a range of amenities for your body to be comfortable.

These features often include rolling, reflexology, kneading, shiatsu, tapping, and vibration, heat a complete menu of preprogrammed functions, and even Zero Gravity and Inversion Therapy functions.

Massage Position

All massage chairs have different massage settings, in addition to various massage styles. A good massage chair normally includes bead and foot massages and wrist & arm massages in some chairs.

These massage options are usually provided throughout the chair with massage heads, airbags, and rollers. The advanced massage chairs are also available to imitate the therapeutic benefits of a trip to a massage person with a thumb-like massage head.


The highest quality massage chairs have a wide range of reclining options, including Zero Gravity. Just like the astronauts who feel weightlessness in space, the concept of zero gravity is reflected in these chairs.

The work of the massage chair is to place your body in a neutral gravity position, reducing your cardiac rate, stress and enhancing healthy circulation. A single touch feature may include certain reclining options, which allow you ultimate control.

Many research works have shown that it provides a deeper experience of massaging and remarkably increases the benefits of a degree of recline.

Chair Upholstery

Leather is often a fabric of choice for the furnishing of massage chairs, but you will see that many advanced, state-of-the-art chairs are synthetic. It is because your massage chair produces a lot of movement and heat and has to be kept under every day. Synthetics are generally designed to resist wear and tear, and heat, ensuring that your massage chair remains long-lasting.

Keep in mind these above-discussed points when you wish to buy a massage chair. These smart tips will help you make an informed decision.

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