Mesh Vs Leather Chairs: Perfect Office Chair Debate

When it comes to buying office chairs, mesh office chairs and leather office chairs are the most demanded and preferred by everyone. When did we compare the two of them? Which one is the better one?

Do they have any significant differences? Can one support your posture better than the other? we shall find that out through this article. Leather chairs have been around in the market as well as in many offices for many decades now.

On the other hand, mesh chairs are a recent rage when it comes to office chairs; they are slender looking, have a modern design that focuses on the importance of ergonomics which is great for your lower back and overall spine.

Mesh chairs have become very popular through the years because of their modern, slender, and unique design and look. This article shall compare the traditional leather office cigars with their modern competitor mesh office chair in terms of different attributes, including durability, price, comfort, and maintenance.

We shall list down both the pros and cons of each type of chair. Benefits of using these chairs over others and all the necessary information that would ultimately help you in making your purchase decision in an informed manner

Mesh Vs. Leather Chairs: Perfect Comparison



We all want to go for a product that is durable and will last us a long time so that we don’t regret our decision in the future and get the complete value for the money we paid for the product.

The same principle is applied when it comes to purchasing office chairs. The lifetime or the durability of the chair is one of the most important factors that must be considered while purchasing an office chair.

In order to understand whether the mesh or the leather is better in terms of durability, we shall compare them. The traditional leather chairs have been around for decades in some of the office spaces, and this is because leather chairs are built to last a long time and do not require heavy maintenance.

On the other hand, the back of a normal mesh chair is supported by the mesh material, which is not known best for its longevity, and the fabric is very likely to sag or slack after a few years of usage.

Once your mesh fabric loses its tightness and supports, you cannot repair it, and you are left with no other option but to buy a whole new chair.

Here we can draw a conclusion that if you are looking for a durable product that shall have a long life and will provide you with complete value for the hard-earned money you have spent to get the product, the leather chair should be your ultimate choice instead of a mesh office chair.


One of the most important factors that influence our buying decision and that has the power to make or break the deal is the price of the product.

No sane person is willing to pay more than the products worth and wishes to gain a complete sense of satisfaction and value for money once the purchase is made.

Usually, before making a purchase, we set a budget so that we don’t overspend. Especially when it comes to buying furniture for your office, it is very important to stick to the budget allocated for it.

The Price of the office chair depends on the quality of material used for manufacturing the chair, the brand of the furniture, etcetera. In terms of price, mesh chairs are budget-friendly and not as expensive as leather chairs.

That does not necessarily mean that mesh chairs are cheap or of lower quality. They are the best option one can go for when it comes to budget buying; also, the chairs are known for having a professional look to them.

So we have a clear winner when it comes to the price department. Mesh office chairs are your best friends when you have to get a chair but also have to watch the money you’re spending. Purchasing a leather chair is quite an investment anyway.


We are very likely to spend innumerable hours sitting on the chair we purchase, and while we are at it, we want your chair to be one of the most comfortable surfaces we rest ourselves on.

The comfort offered by the chair is another important factor that must be considered when it comes to purchasing an office chair. There is an assortment of comfortable chairs available when it comes to both mesh office chairs and leather office chairs.

We will be focusing on mesh chairs first. Mesh chairs are ergonomic in nature and hence are excellent for your back and spine; they are also considered to be a great remedy for the pain caused by the usual and cheap plastic chairs.

Unlike many other types of chairs, mesh chairs are aesthetic along with being comfortable. They provide an aesthetic look to your office, unlike the other stuffy, dull fabric chairs.

Most of the chairs used in offices are bulky in their look as they are filled with foam. But, mesh chairs come with a modern innovative design that makes them look slender and aesthetically pleasing.

Initially, people thought that mesh chairs wouldn’t be as comfortable to sit on as they are not filled with foam, but contrary to popular belief, mesh chairs are comfortable and provide excellent support to your back and spine.

Also, the mesh fabric is breathable in nature and hence keeps the person sitting on it from sweating profusely. On the other hand, leather chairs are known for their comfort and elegant look and feel.

Those areas at which a normal leather chair is usually padded are known to support the critical areas on the back. Which includes the lumbar and the hip area as these are the areas most affected due to excessive sedentary lifestyle.

The padding of a leather chair consists of memory foam. But there is a downside to a leather chair, as we all know leather as a material is not breathable e or light in nature hence during summertime you will not be able to sit on a leather chair for prolonged hours.

As We can see, both the chairs have ergonomic qualities and are excellent for back support. If comfort is your greatest priority in your office chair, you can go for either of the types depending on your budget and other requirements.


Mesh as a material is extremely lightweight, and hence mesh chairs are lightweight; they are easy to move around the space and easy to clean. For removing dust from a mesh office chair, use and vacuum cleaner, and in order to remove stains, use soap and water.

If you are battling with a tough stain, use a spot cleaner. Do not scrub your mesh chair as it will damage the material. Leather chairs are not best known for their elasticity, so they won’t get back to their original shape when you stretch the leather.

Leather chairs require a lot of care and maintenance. They are not supposed to be exposed to sunlight as they tend to fade once exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of time.

Gentle cleaning your leather chair with a clean cloth or a vacuum cleaner is advisable. So when it comes to the maintenance aspect, mesh chairs are the best option.

Now that we have discussed the strengths and weaknesses of both the chairs in terms of durability. price, comfort, and maintenance. It is up to you, the user, to choose the kind of chair you want according to your requirement and budget.

Both the chairs are best in their own way but will be preferred differently by different sets of people. List down your requirements and priorities, check the availability of the chair you want to buy and do thorough research before making the ultimate decision.