Mid Back Vs High Back Chair | Which One’s For You?

While selecting a chair, one of the most important factors that we look for in the chair is the back of the chair. We have to select the right kind of back for our chair as we will be spending quite a lot of our time resting our backs on the back of the chair, and we definitely want to make sure that the chair back is as comfortable as possible.

There are two types of chair backs: mid-back and high back. This article will help you find out which one is the most suitable for you. A mid-back chair primarily focuses on providing support to the lumbar area, and they do not usually come with a headrest or neck support.

On the other hand, a high back chair comes with a headrest or a neck rest, and also, the backrest of a high back chair is taller than a mid-back chair. The statement made above does not imply that a mid-back chair is less comfortable than a high-back chair.

Both types have their specific features and pros and cons, which will be discussed in this article with the aim of providing you with the information that will help you make your purchase decision.

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What is the difference between mid-back and high-back chairs, and how does it help in selecting the chair?


Knowing the various features of your chair is of utmost importance. We will be spending a significant amount of our time sitting on our chair, and the kind of chair we choose will either have a direct or indirect impact on our health and comfort and it.

We all want to make the right kind of choices that we won’t regret in the future, and also, none of us would ever like to compromise our health.

People who are well aware or who even have the most basic knowledge in the field of ergonomics will find it difficult to choose between the two as both have their own specific benefits.

On the other hand, people who are not aware of the topic will choose the wrong kind of chair for themselves. Therefore understanding the features, pros, and cons of the chair, you will be choosing will always be beneficial. And that’s exactly what we will be doing in this article.

What is a mid-back chair?

One of the most significant and noticeable features of a mid-back chair is the absence of a headrest or a neck pad. The height of the backrest in a mid-back chair is usually lower than the shoulders; this does imply that a mid-back chair will be uncomfortable to sit on for a long time.

The most important feature of a mid-back chair is its ability to support the mid and lower back really well. If your job demands you to perform a number of different tasks for which you have to move back and forth between workstations constantly, then a mid-back chair is the ultimate choice for you.

Why a mid-back chair?

As mentioned earlier in this article, the backrest of a mid-back chair is lower than the height of the shoulders, and they are designed in a manner that the chair ensures the best support for your mid and lower back, which are the areas that are the most affected due to prolonged hours of sitting.

Along with the mid and lower back, the mid-back chairs also provide support to the shoulder blades and provide the best possible comfort. Mid-back chairs are usually used in meeting or conference rooms as they keep the user from slouching and being lazy.

Advantages of using a mid-back chair

  • Suitable for flexible workstations
  • Wide range of colors choices available
  • Available in the mesh as well as leather material
  • Available in different designs
  • Allows the user to move from one desk to another.

What are high back chairs?

One of the significant and noticeable features of a high-back chair is the taller backrest in comparison to the mid-back chairs and the presence of a headrest or a neck pad to support the neck better.

High-back chairs usually appear to be larger and taller in comparison with mid-back chairs. These chairs are best known for their comfort and are the best choice for taller people.

Why a high back chair?

High-back chairs are more comfortable and bigger in size in comparison with the mod-back chair. They also have the additional headrest, which has its own benefits and comfort to offer to the user.

High-back chairs come with many additional adjustments provided by the manufacturer of the chair, which are usually absent in a mid-back chair.

It is the ideal chair if our job requires you to be seated in a place for a number of hours. It is an excellent choice for tall people and also the people who suffer from chronic backache.

Advantages of using a high back chair

  • Availability of headrest
  • Additional comfort
  • Appropriate for tall people
  • Ideal for people with sedentary jobs

Both high-back and mid-back chairs have their own set of advantages to offer to the user. Both the chairs are relatively expensive than a usual chair, a mid-back chair being a little less expensive compared to a high-back chair.

It is important that the user first tries to find their specific requirements and then judge them against the features of the chair to make the ultimate decision.

Also, a mid-back chair is most suitable for shorter people, who have to move back and forth at their jobs, and a high-back chair is ideal for taller people who have to be seated for long hours in a place.

Mid-back chairs will help you be productive at work, and on the other hand, high-back chairs will provide you with the comfort you need during a long workday.

We hope with this article we were able to solve your queries regarding the mid-back and high-back chairs and the information provided here has helped you make an informed decision.