Proper Sitting Posture At A Computer [Practice Good Posture]

More than 40% of people into desk jobs are not aware of the proper sitting posture at a computer while working. It’s one reason why they are often affected by spondylitis, back pain, backbone strain, etc.

It’s a common health hazard within I.T. professionals who continually chase the deadline. Only a few know the dire consequences behind it. By the time they realize it, it’s too late, and they get affected by arthritis.

Doctors believe that a change in their sitting habits can easily change the wrong sitting postures. By adopting a proper sitting posture, staring and working at a computer adds comfort to the backside of your body.

Let’s have a look through the proper sitting posture at a computer chair while working or gaming for long hours.

Proper Sitting Posture At A Computer [Maintain Healthy Posture]


proper sitting posture at a computer

Which chair are you using?

It’s essential to take the chair in the count where you’re sitting. If you can push back your hips while seated in a chair as much as you want, you might catch back pain quickly.

That’s why to adjust it to a certain height from where your eyes remain fixed at a rectangular angle to the screen. It’s comfortable to work on your desktop and keep your backbone strain yards away.

The support system of the chair.

Nowadays, a lot of revolving gaming and office chairs are available in the market which is quite fancy looking. Unfortunately, when it comes to supporting your back portion while you’re sitting, they don’t appear very efficient.

Always choose a chair that’s adjustable to an estimated 100-110 degree angle so that the lower and back portion gets adequate support. If it comes with an adjustable backside system, try changing the positions from time to time.

It mobilizes the backside portion of your body. That’s why you always know the mechanism of the chair where you’re sitting.

The position of your keyboard.

Maximum people don’t realize the ill effect of placing the keyboard on the same table where a desktop is stalled already. Working on the same posture without any movement for hours can affect the spinal cord quickly.

The worst part is, you can even hurt your side ribs, and sometimes it can be intolerable too. Get rid of the habit of placing the keyboard on the same table where the monitor is placed.

Instead, nest the mouse and the keyboard at the same height somewhere at a lower position from the desktop. That adds relief and keeps you relaxed while working.

Using a channel keyboard key to type is another proper sitting posture at a computer while you are working.

Give some rest to your wrists while working.

Always give some rest to your wrists while working on a computer. Your wrists too get fatigued just as you after working for 6-8 hours relentlessly.

Gently put in on the table for some time while taking short breaks. Try not to use your wrists too much in the breaks. Avoid using too fast wrist strokes while typing.

If you have a good typing speed, you don’t have to use your wrists too fast to stroke the keys. Your fingers can do that easily.

Careful with your arm while stroking the keys.

You need to be careful while you’re stroking the keys. On stroking the keys too hard, you might hurt your arms even. That can be a reason for your arm pain.

While working, loosen the arms as much as possible. Instead of putting the pressure on arms, but the pressure of the palm on the keyboard channel tray. That gives adequate support to the wrists so that it may rest.

Correct adjustment of the screen.

Never keep the screen of your monitor or laptop straight in front of you. Always keep it either tilted or slightly push it back. For that, you might select an adjustable monitor screen.

Popular desktop or laptop manufacturing brands like Lenovo provides one such feature in their desktop or laptop monitor screens where you can adjust the screens.

Place the screen in a way that your sitting posture at a computer remains proper, or else you might get sight in your eyes. It’s a common scenario for those sitting too close or too far from the laptop screen.

Try avoiding such habits while working on a computer.

Avoid sitting in luxurious revolving chairs.

It might appear weird if someone tells you to avoid sitting in a luxurious chair. It doesn’t sound easy to believe, but it’s true. According to the doctors, while working on an elegant chair with a cushion base, people often forget to change their sitting position.

It’s one reason why they often get backbone pains; some even adopt arthritis too. Whereas, by sitting in a wooden or steel chair, you feel the need to change the positions.

That way, you can keep yourself away from such pains and other backbone related problems.

Switch off the Air Cooler after a few hours.

The condensed air coming out from the duct Air Cooler is another reason for people to get back pain. The A.C. air can increase the pain of arthritis if you’ve already developed the disease.

The cool air circulating within the room might increase the pain of your arthritis. If your arthritis pain increases, it might be difficult for you to get rid of the disease further.

Diseases like arthritis, spondylitis can’t be cured 100% under any circumstances. Medication can control them but can barely keep your immune from these diseases.

Go for short intervals and change your posture while you sit again.

The only way to prevent the disease is to keep yourself away from those factors that affect your sitting posture while you’re working on a computer.

Switch off the Air Cooler for an hour or two when you see that the room atmosphere is already cool. While you’re working on a computer, switch off the Air Cooler for a few hours, and open the window panes.

Go for a short walk outside your suit. Stretch your hands, hips, and backside portion, and then you might start working again on the computer.

Rest your feet on the floor to get rigid support.

Always place your feet on the floor while typing. It helps you get rigid support while sitting at your computer by maintaining proper sitting posture while working.

That way, you don’t have to keep your backbone straight while working on a computer. It’s essential to place your feet on the floor so that you get maximum support while working.

Keep the mouse close to the keyboard.

It’s essential to keep the mouse close to your keyboard. The position of your mouse must not be far from the keyboard. Resting the wrist close to your mouse pad can rest your wrists while using the mouse.

With a laptop, you might not have to use an additional mouse, as you can use the touchpad. If you’re using the keyboard and a mouse, then it’s compulsory to have a mousepad.

You can place the mouse on it and use your wrist to rest on the pad as well.

Avoid screen reflection.

Avoid reflection while working on your computer. If the reflection of the screen is too much, use an anti-glare screen to avoid the reflection on your eyes.

If there are wind skirts in the window panes, leave it open. That might help you to pass sunlight on the screen while working. That way, you can avoid leaning too much close to your laptop or monitor screen while working.

Green soothes your eyes.

While you work for a prolonged period, your eyes will get strained eventually, thereby affecting your vision. It is good to take breaks and look at the green outside your home. This will make your eyes rest a little so that you can again get back to work afresh.

These are the 12 ways to fit yourself in a proper position while sitting at a computer. Scroll down to learn about some of the ‘don’ts’ while using a computer.

What Should You Not Do While Sitting At A Computer?

  • Do not lean back suddenly while sitting on your chair; it may affect your spinal cord.
  • Avoid using cushions on your back to get relaxed.
  • Do not make the keyboard channel too small that you are unable to fit your wrists.
  • Do not bend forward for a long time as it can lead to back pain and even other spinal cord disorders.

Follow these simple steps to get the perfect posture and avoid any pain and discomfort while you work. All the best!