Tips To Sleep On A Recliner Chair [Complete Guide]

Sleeping needs to be comfortable no matter whether we sleep on a sofa while watching TV or on a flight. The sleeping position was the choice for thousands of years on the bed, mat, or even on the floor. But for the rest, we do not have a choice.

Sleep is the most meaningful thing for our anatomy. Some four-legged animals such as zebras and elephants sleep, but it would be harder for us to balance while unconscious because we have only two legs.

Lying down also slows our heartbeat and allows our spines to settle and sit down after a day. See here to know how to sleep comfortably on a recliner. Do not scroll down by skipping any step.

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The Comfortable Ways to Sleep on a Recliner


Get a Top Sheet

You may want a top sheet to sleep on, irrespective of what the recliner is. If you’re adding one, fabric recliners tend to be far more respiratory than their leather-taped counterparts, and in those cases, a top plate is not strictly required.

However, for a leather recliner, it is good to put a sheet so that you do not sweat the whole night. If this step is required, you should insert the sheet as you are able and ensure that the sheet is not placed substantially on the footrest.

If you do, the sheet could be snagged on the chair when you manipulate the recline angle. Take a blanket and a pillow if you don’t have enough padding to hold the chair headrest. Put these in the chair’s arm’s reach.

Go for an Advanced Planning

All of this concerns comfort and advanced planning. When you get into your nest for the night, you won’t have to interrupt it by forgetting “stuff” again and again.

Please turn off all lights, except for one lamp from the chair itself, before you sit down in the recliner! Good planning will allow you to get a good sleep.

Get Pillows According to Your Need and Comfort

You can add a few additional pillows to your neck and behind your knees if you are sleeping in a hand reclining. You may not need them, but usually, only three reclining positions offer manual reclining.

If you have to tweak beyond that to make yourself comfortable, you have to do it with pillows placed strategically. If you are in a power recliner, sit down, play with the checks, and adjust the reclining angle accordingly.

What to Avoid?

If you have any spine issues, it is better to bend too much. It can intensify your pain. However, keeping your spine straight can help to ease the pain with time.

The Final Thought

Sleeping on recliners is not as comfortable as a bed. However, adjustable recliners can give you enough comfort too. There are benefits of taking a rest in a recliner; it can release your stress and anxiety.

These chairs are actually designed to keep your spine and waist comfortable. Go for it with these steps discussed above.