Types Of Balance Boards & Their Benefits [Ultimate Guide]

Would you like to bring your body moves while you stand and work? A balancing table is one of the best ways to achieve this.
Research has recently been carried forward with the growth of standing desks that can be as bad as standing for prolonged periods and can lead to lower extreme swells and muscle tiredness.

A good balance board can help counter these adverse effects by often bringing your legs into motion and improving blood circulation. In this post, we are going to cover various types of balances, which are best suited to the office, as well as their benefits and great practice routines.

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What are the main balancing board types?


It is important to make one that fits your needs and the environment to maximize the advantages of balance boards. The most common types of balance sheets are now available on the market:

Rocker Balance Boards

  • Flap and rectangular shape
  • Base: Semi-circle base, stationary
  • Challenge: Easy

The rocker is the easiest to use from the different types of balance boards. It has a limited range of movement due to its stationary semi-circle base. It can rock only from front to back or from side to side, depending on how you position the board.

Its convenience makes the rocker equilibrium board a good choice for novices, balance problems, elderly and physical therapists. This can focus on improving their sedentary life for office workers without removing their attention.

Spring Balance Boards

  • Spherical or rectangular double board.
  • Base: Spring-loaded stationery.
  • Challenge: moderate to hard.
  • Springboards consist of two flat panels with four individual compression springs, as their name suggests.

It would be best if you kept your equilibrium as the springs push the board back to use a springboard. The redistribution of your body mass across the board will move the board in several directions. In addition to focusing on the core and trying to improve the balance, agility and posture help.

It would be better for Spring balance boards than for rocker or wobble boards to provide intensive training because they lift the user higher from the ground and thus create a wider range of vertical movements.

Wobble Balance Boards

Somehow the wobble balance board looks as if there’s a sphere base. You should invest in these kinds of balance boards if you’re a beginner. The balancing board comes in one piece so that you can take it anywhere.

In addition, a number of options, such as boards with large and small bases, are available. You can do several kinds of exercises with these boards, which make them superior to rocker boards.

It is essential to understand their benefits now that you understand the types of balancing boards.

Benefits Of Using These Boards In Office

It enhances your brain’s work

According to some studies, balance training helps your brain to be strengthened. By using an equilibrium board, your brain communicates better with both hemispheres to improve motor skills overall.

Many physicians have claimed that using balance boards is an excellent way of improving brain functioning. This is a specific reason to begin to use it in your office.

Stabilization of your muscles

If you continue to move your muscles, your muscles remain healthy. People don’t even have the time to get up and move when they work in modern lifestyles. When using an equilibrium board, your organism constantly moves to maintain balance, so it helps muscles to be stronger.

Muscle injury risks get reduced.

You can reduce the risk of muscle injuries with balance boards. Strong muscles are susceptible to breakage. A good balance board can bring your body’s movements, and so your muscles are strengthened.

Final Word

You now know the kind of balancing boards and their advantages in the office. It’d be nice to choose the balance sheet. Start with rocker boards and switch to wobble boards and springboards.

People of all ages can use these boards to keep muscles fit and healthy. Make sure you buy a branded checkboard so that it does not break down when you are standing there.